Antonio and Tamara, from a Scottish and Croatian settler family, have spent their life in this land. Their experiences have become legends in these surroundings. Nowadays, they are starting with a new adventure project, full of emotions they want to share with each guest, horse lovers, farmers, entrepreneurs, riders.

Kusanovic – Mc Leod family invite all who want to spend a real exciting experience, to meet each place of their lands and share with Patagonia people.


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The lord of the Shepperds


Pingo Salvaje is a tourist center located inside a residency called “Estancia Laguna Sofía”. With approximately 7.000 hectares, this land is part of a productive area of animal breeding under a planned “Holistic” system of grazing, which through a studied rotation improve the pasture production. Therefore, thanks to this system Estancia Sofia holds a GRASS 018-18 certification (Grassland Regeneration and Sustainable Standard).


Natales and Cerro Castillo, and Laguna Sofía. It goes from Km. 22 of route 9 Norte (from Puerto Natales) through a dirt track for 12 Km until the house, with a total of 32 Km.

We are 100% sustainable. Thanks to our sustainability development, our horses and the local fauna are fed with a quality grass. Our water comes from a waterfall which feeds the lake and provides us with energy. Firewood to obtain heating comes from the trees fallen during the Winter.

There is no Internet service or telephone service in La Estancia, only a radio with VHF (150.125). Our office has internet but, it is very unsteady and depends on weather conditions.


Pingo means horse, word employed in Patagonia; and salvaje, refers to freedom.

Pingo Salvaje owes approximately 60 horses, between Arabs and creole, ready to receive any kind of customers with or without experience in riding. We offer one hour, half or full day ridings. It is important to remark the good service our horse staff provides which is as good as our human one.

We are currently working on new soft and sport trekking paths, opposite the lake, by the caves, over Sierra Señoret, and through the woods. If you plan to stay with us and spend some relaxing time, we have a shelter, camping or a typical Patagonia house farm with beds set ready for you. Here you can drink pure water, feel the magical wind from Patagonia, enjoy wild life, ride on beautiful horses, watching the flight of condors, visit ancient woods, and observe the awesome skies from the end of the world but mainly, feel your freedom.

From our facilities, it is possible to visit a prehistorical cave of 10,000 years; home of the enigmatic Mylodon, Saber toothed Cat, Onca Panther, among others, and also see the Paleolake and its paths. Inside this cave it was discovered the first human trace on this Region: a bonfire.


our main goal is developing outdoors activities in a natural and sustainable environment full of happiness, under principles of authenticity, respect, freedom, and calm. These activities are mainly focused on people who really value such principles.